Brand Transparency

Using Social Media to Create Brand Transparency

I think we can all agree that as consumers we are tired of being fed false promises and marketing gimmicks. We are constantly being bombarded with deals, bargains and discounts but what we are simply seeking are companies we can trust.

Transparency and trust are critical components for a brand’s reputation. People are not only more likely to consistently shop at a business they trust, but are more likely to recommend that business to a friend. Can you remember how you found that perfect beauty salon or auto repair shop and how many people have you since recommended go there? Word of mouth promotion is incredibly powerful but people won’t just go around talking about your business, you have to earn it.

The popularity of Social Media has helped many businesses achieve transparency and create an emotional connection with their brand. Social Media adds personality and provides customers with a chance to learn more about your company. By regularly posting relevant and interesting content, you are providing added value to your customer’s buying experience. Share funny photos from the employee holiday party, let your followers be the first to know about a new product line or have a fun photo contest! Get to know your customer base better and then communicate with those loyal patrons to earn their trust and their referral.

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