The Squirrel Teaches Lessons in Preparation

As Fall approaches and the cool weather creeps in, the preparation for winter begins. I was recently looking out my office window and I caught a squirrel burying food to get ready for the winter. Instantly, because I live and breathe my work, I thought of content writing.

Content is key. If you do not have it, no one will read it. With Social Media, blogging or just about anything else marketing related, you need fresh and interesting content to share with your loyal supporters and patrons. When I saw the squirrel storing his food, it reminded me of how important it is to have content saved up for the slow (when not much is going on) or busy (when you don’t have time to breathe) moments of your business.

Lately, at Red Egg Marketing, we have been busy. Of course, the client’s work takes priority over our own business needs, which is why having content for Red Egg Marketing stored up is so important. I always have at least a few posts for every one of my clients tucked away. I also try to schedule posts or at least plan a week or more ahead to protect against lulls in the action or emergencies that crop up.

With Social Media it is important to be current, so planning too far in advance does not necessarily help either. With this blog post I am trying to encourage you to be prepared. Like the squirrel that is planning ahead for months of cold winter, you can plan ahead your Social Media presence.

Here are some ideas to help you be prepared:

  • Write at least one blog article you can keep for a rainy day
  • Try to have a week worth of Social Media content on hand
  • Save some pictures from events to reminisce about
  • Use lulls to change page designs and give your profiles a fresh appearance

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What do squirrels and marketers have in common?

(They are both nutty!)