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Tips on Dealing with Negative Comments on Social Media

If your business has an online presence you are unfortunately as vulnerable to negative comments as you are to positive ones. Although this may seem worrisome, it is still much more advantageous to be involved online than to just hide under a rock. Social Media and Social Search sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yelp, are important programs to participate on and can bring in lots of new business in addition to nurturing existing relationships with current customers. Unfortunately there are people who use social sites negatively so it is important to be prepared.

I thought I would share some helpful tips on how to deal with negative comments on Social Media. Your business will hopefully never have to take these steps but you will be happy to read this if it happens.

  • Set Your Filters – Facebook and other Social Media applications have filters to stop people from posting inappropriate comments. For instance, in the “Manage Permissions” tab on Facebook, a page administrator can block certain words or use a general profanity filter. If inappropriate or hateful language is used, most sites give administrators the ability to flag or delete the comment. This is one reason why it is important to own your company’s profiles.
  • Monitor Your Online Presence – Google your business every now and again and see what people are saying. Look for your business name on Social Media sites. Find any negative comments or incorrect information before your potential customers do.
  • Don’t Take It Personally – If you find a negative comment, it is important to remember that the customer is likely upset and may be acting irrationally. This is not a personal attack. The worst thing you can do add fuel to the fire and respond emotionally.
  • Move The Conversation Offline – Ask the person to call or email you so you can better address their concerns. Social Media is a very powerful tool. By moving the conversation offline you can reduce its negative impact.
  • Be Careful About Deleting – Do not just delete any comment that you do not like. It is also important to be transparent. Responding promptly with helpful information can make you look better than deleting a comment, ignoring a complaint and further upsetting a customer.
  • Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – Sometimes people need to vent and unfortunately, they use Social Media. After the dust settles, leave everything well enough alone. Safely hide the post if you can or push it down the profile page with new reviews or more content.

Having a company such as Red Egg Marketing grow and manage your online presence is a great way to safely get involved in the conversation. We constantly watch our clients’ profiles and monitor their online presence. If you have any more questions about online reputation management or wish to inquire about our other grassroots marketing services feel free to give Ryan a call at (720) 446-6640 or at