dug from up

Image from Pixar’s movie ‘Up’

Tips for Writing a Great Blog Post

Let’s face it. The average attention span of an Internet user is about equal to that of Dug, the dog from Up.


Anyway, the keys to getting your content read online are to use a reverse pyramid structure and accommodate all different types of reading styles.

A reverse pyramid structure means that you include your most important points at the beginning of your post in order to peak a reader’s interest and be sure your basic message is conveyed early. Many readers will only make it halfway through your post so say what you are going to say early!

There are 3 main different types of reading styles a blog reader typically uses. There is the full reader, the skimmer, and the scanner.

  • The Full Reader – The full reader doesn’t want to miss a thing. They are interested in your post and will read it completely. To accommodate the full reader you must have well written content that is interesting. Although this is probably the most rare style of reader, you don’t want to cut corners on your posts because they will catch you.
  • The Skimmer – The skimmer won’t read your entire post but they will find the things that interest them the most and read those. Don’t bury your main points in your text. Use bold, italics, colors, boxed text, and more to attract their attention.
  • The Scanner – The scanner won’t read any of your post. Don’t take offense, its just who they are. Create lists and use bullets to emphasis your main ideas.

Blog posts don’t have to be very long and typically it is better if they aren’t. Lots of text can seem intimidating which can scare Internet readers away! Just make sure they are long enough to seem relevant to Google for SEO purposes.

Other tips for SEO:

  • Pictures
  • Links
  • Keyword Density

Don’t forget! Have fun and write about interesting or helpful stuff otherwise nobody is going to want to read it!