Top Three 2019 Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is more important than ever with new technologies and trends constantly being developed and popularized.  Make sure your business is staying up-to-date with the latest happenings in online search with these three main 2019 digital marketing trends.

Smart Speakers & Voice Search

Voice search is making it easier for consumers to search the internet without using a computer or smartphone. So, what does this mean for digital marketers? In order to appear on voice search results, pages now need to rank for keywords and phrases that consumers are likely to use when speaking their searches as well as typing them.

For example, a boutique women’s clothing store might target the keyword phrase “boutique with summer dresses near me” instead of simply “women’s summer dresses” or “women’s clothing store” as a consumer is more likely to say the prior when performing a voice search. This means a little out-of-the-box thinking and more keyword tracking for marketers – and we’re up to the challenge.

Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots

If there’s something that can get the job done faster and easier than a human, you better believe people are going to use it. Chatbots can not only answer most customers’ simple questions within seconds, but they can also use data to suggest other products and solutions to common problems.

Facebook messenger is already a heavy user of chatbots that can do anything from suggesting a sponsored product, telling you the upcoming weather forecast, and even suggesting a reply to messages within the app. Artificial Intelligence is streamlining the way consumers communicate and make decisions online.


Micro-moments are a new category of consumer behavior that refers to the span of seconds that consumers take to make a decision online. For example, when deciding where to eat on a Friday night, a consumer might search “Thai restaurants near me”, have a handful of different options presented, and ultimately choose one after scanning the names, locations, and ratings. Evidenced by a 150% growth in mobile searches for “___ near me now”, Google states, “People are making decisions faster than ever and they expect to act on those decisions in the moment.” If your business doesn’t show up as one of the first few results, your odds of gaining a customer’s interest in a micro-moment will all but vanish.

If you plan on gaining online traction with your business this year, we highly suggest you take these three digital marketing trends seriously.  More and more consumers are making the majority of purchasing decisions based on a variety of online influences, if you’re not at least one step ahead of the competition on these digital marketing trends, your business will likely suffer.