4 Ways to Use Facebook for Your Business.

fb blog post_2.13.16The tiny little f Facebook logo pervades our daily lives. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the average consumer spends forty minutes each day on the site. Does this sound low to anyone else? Maybe it’s because social media is such an integral part of Red Egg, but this is a conservative estimate by any stretch of the imagination. How can you harness all of those eyes on your Facebook business page? First, we’ll assume you already have a Facebook page for your business. The latest data gleaned on 1/27/16 shows there are 50 million small business pages. So, you’ve joined a pretty crowded room. We’ll show you a few ways to have your voice heard.

  1. Boost Your Posts

Any post on your page can be boosted. But before you click the blue ‘Boost Post’ button on the bottom right of your post, ask yourself these questions?

  1. Is this original content? If you answered no, do not click ‘Boost Post.’
  2. Does the post provide something of value to the viewer? Be able to answer, “Why would they click on this?”

When you decide to boost a post, choose “People you choose through targeting.” From here you can select their geographical location, age, gender and up to 10 interests.

  1. Use Facebook Ads

Did you know there are approximately 2.5 million advertisers on Facebook according to the latest January 2016 figures? This sounds like a lot but when you think about the number of users is around 1.59 billion, the potential for capturing attention seems a bit more tangible.

We execute Facebook advertising campaigns for small and medium sized businesses, monitor their performance and likewise generate interest for our client’s goods and services. We can work with you to bring your idea to fruition or recommend a few of our own.

  1. Add great content, not necessarily just A LOT of content

Mix it up between content that is meant to drive business and informative tools anyone will appreciate. You don’t want to be like the guy at the cocktail party who only uses the occasion to tell you about a business opportunity. That guy is exhausting to listen to and to avoid. Don’t be him.

  1. Contests

Why? The reasoning: Increase likes, engage with the likers, learn about your likes, and finally let them spread the word.

Get likes: You have something people want and all you’re asking for is a like. Just a simple click. What could be less effort than that? A head nod? Make sure you’re giving away an in-demand item or service, or one that is brand new to your line (mysterious!)

Engage with the likers: Ask them to post a picture of them using your product or service. By doing this,  they become more likely to stay engaged and curious (what else will people post?)

Learn about your likes: Did they hear about the contest from a friend? What do they like or not like about your line of products? You will never know unless you work this into the contest.

Let them spread the word: If you are asking for the largest number of likes on a users’ post, they are going to reach out to friends and family, and you’ll have a new audience.

Make sure that your contest includes your products in some way. If it is only aimed to get more likes, understand that will the only outcome – and not necessarily the best one.

For instance, Eggo did a great job with their “submit your best Eggo recipe contest.” It didn’t hurt that the price was 5,000 bones but regardless, it tapped into creativity and made it so entrants had to buy the product to participate.

These 4 ways are only the tip of the iceberg. If you want to discuss Facebook’s potential for your business, call us at 720 446-6640.