What Your Logo Says About Your Business

There are many elements of logo design that convey different messages to consumers. Every aspect from color to letter spacing must be taken into account when designing a strong logo that will be the face of your brand. In this post, we’ll discuss the details behind certain characteristics and what makes them so important to logo design.


The color of your business’ logo has a lot to do with its brand perception. When deciding on a color, it is important to take into consideration common associations with specific hues. For example, the following colors typically have these connotations.

red logo


  • Bold, energetic and passionate

blue logo


  • Trustworthy, honest and secure

yellow logo


  • Smart, happy and confident


green logo

  • Healthy, natural and caring


  • Affordable, friendly and playfulorange logo


  • Sophisticated, luxurious and seductiveblack logo


So, keeping this in mind, you probably wouldn’t want to design a high-end health food store with an orange logo, right? Even though people might not make the association between the logo and their perception of the brand, the conflicting messages could turn consumers away.


square logo

oval logo

Logos come in all shapes and sizes but can commonly be broken up between soft and hard lines. Soft lines, meaning circles and ovals, tend to represent unity, community and stability while hard lines, as in squares and triangles, imply power, professionalism and strength. For example, Subaru’s recognizable oval reflects their brand as safe and family oriented, while American Express opted for a bold square to indicate their professionalism and security.

Font & Spacing

Both the style and size of the letters as well as the spacing between characters have an effect on how your brand is perceived by consumers. Simple fonts with tight spacing are thought to look more modern and clean, while uppercase bold fonts command authority.

Your company’s logo is not something to take lightly. Creating a distinguishable logo that can communicate your brand’s values effectively is now more important than ever to stand out amongst the competition. Once you know what your brand represents and who your target audience is, all it takes is some fine tuning from there – and a great graphic designer of course.

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