Write a Winning Win-Back Email.

Q: What is a win-back email?

A: A win-back email is an email to a customer who at one time opted into your email communications, but hasn’t made any purchases of goods or services in a while.

Deciding how long before sending a win-back email is dependent on your business. For example, if you’re a gym, a month may be an appropriate amount of time. Many people fall off their fitness regimen for a few weeks, but if you wait beyond a month, they may not be coming back. However, if you are a dentist, sending an email 6 months to a year after their last appointment would make more sense.

How effective are win-back emails?

If you are comparing win-back emails to email campaigns sent to non-customers or purchased lists, then it’s night and day. After all, you are looking to stir them into action, not acquire them as new customers. If you need the scientific data, Marketing Land conducted a study and found:

45% of recipients who received a win-back campaign read a subsequent message; of that group, just 24% had read the first win-back message. 75% of re-engaged subscribers had read a subsequent message within 89 days, and the other 25% were still opening messages up to 300 days after receiving the first win-back campaign.

I checked my inbox for win-back emails and have determined I will be heading back to Core Power and Tamayo (restaurant in Denver) based on the following.

  • I opened the email because it read something like, “We Miss You” and let’s face it, I was hoping for a carrot (incentive) to get my business back.
  • There was a carrot! Core Power offered me a free class ($18 value)
  • Tamayo offered me 25% off our next tab. Not too shabby. It was delicious…

Granted, I already love tacos and yoga, but simply enough, they asked and I answered. The timing varied for when each decided to reach out. I cancelled my Core Power membership in May and the win back email came in October. With Tamayo, I hadn’t been since February and I received the win-back email in September.

Some experts believe you shouldn’t use “We Miss You” or “Come back,” but I don’t think it can hurt. Also, based on how often these are used, we could find the emails that might get us back as customers.

It’s all about the reward for maintaining their status as a customer. As if shaming a customer into coming back is a good idea!

Remember to include a promo code such as MISSYOU if your site has online ordering so that you can track how effective your win-back campaign was.

One notable result from Marketing Land’s survey is that dollar discounts were more effective than percentage off. In my opinion, 10% or 15% is usually too low for me to bother. Anything over that amount is more likely to loosen my purse strings. Furthermore, make sure your discount is exclusive to the win-back email. Savvy consumers will know if the “carrot” is no different than what you offer everyone. An example would be free shipping on orders of $100 or more, or one free class for a gym that already offers that.

Ask for your clients’ birthday if you’d like to institute a b-day reward. Or you can do an anniversary email (from the date they signed up to receive your newsletter). You can also send an email to re-engage them when you have a new program, product or website.

Last thing! Don’t forget to personalize the email with their name in the subject line or at least as the first text in the email.

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