How to Optimize a Houzz Profile to Stand Out

standing out

Houzz is an indispensable marketing platform for interior designers, general contractors, or any company providing a service related to home renovations. If your work is home improvement related, we are talking directly to you. You need to create a Houzz profile to inform and WOW. We want to take it a step further and show you how to create and optimize a Houzz profile that will get noticed and spur action from potential clients.

Our Top 3 Ways to Optimize a Houzz Profile:

  • Use the best quality photographs you can afford. This is not an area to skimp as it can easily distinguish you from the competition. Ensure the images are large in size and as sharp as possible. Poor quality photos will be ignored by users.

  • Fill out as much information as possible on your profile. Add in the names of the geographic areas you serve, your company address, website, contact information, etc. Do not make it a burden on a potential client to track more information down. They’re trying to improve their home, not play gumshoe on the Internet.Check out what your competitors are doing for their business descriptions. Incorporate keywords but make sure you set yourself apart from them. If you provide free consultations and mock ups in your first meeting, mention this. While your personality traits can come through in your writing – make sure they’re related to how you will perform the work – not what you like to do on weekends. In other words, keep it relevant and professional.

  • Ensure your happy clients are making their voices heard through reviews on Houzz. With the Pro+ plan, you can print off customizable review documents that the client can send back to Houzz to be included on your profile. Another way previous clients can add reviews is through the Houzz website using a link you provide. As is the case with online reviews, the more reviews you have and the better the average score; the higher your company will rank in a Houzz search. The most effective way we have found for soliciting reviews is asking for a review soon after the project is finished in person or on the phone.

We can Help Your Houzz Profile

Houzz has been around since 2008 and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Its better to utilize it for marketing your company than to be left waiting on the sidelines. Call us to learn more about our Houzz profile creation, marketing, and management services.

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