A Landing Page Strategy is Integral for Marketing

Developing a landing page strategy is essential to your marketing strategy. A landing page is a page created specifically for a marketing campaign on your website. It’s where a visitor “lands” when they’ve clicked an ad’s call to action. You may wonder why these separate pages need to be developed. It takes time to create landing pages after all, and you may be hoping that you will be able to get away without using them.

How is it essential? Landing page strategy is an integral part of the inbound marketing process and, more specifically, your lead generation efforts. We have outlined a couple of reasons why you should have landing pages.

Offer Clarity and Purpose

Landing pages are short and straightforward, with a length of about one page. This is because they are created for focus and clarity on specific topics. If you want your web visitors to take a specific action, you should create the least amount of resistance.

If you were to send your visitors to the homepage of your website, they could take a wide variety of actions. Although this engagement is good, it’s not what you really want visitors to do and it may postpone customer action. A landing page eliminates all obstacles so that the visitors can focus on what you want them to do: convert.

Generate Leads

Your website has only two main purposes: to generate traffic and convert prospects. Landing pages are critical in helping you reach these goals. Far too many companies send their marketing traffic to their homepages. This is the equivalent of throwing away the leads.

If you could do one thing to drastically improve your efforts in lead generation, it would be to utilize your website’s landing pages. They also make segmenting, managing and distributing the leads to your sales team simpler.

Track Data

Beyond generating leads, you can track and analyze the data on landing pages to better understand how your marketing offers operate. To see what’s working and what isn’t, you can compare data from various promotions so you can maximize your marketing efforts.

Whenever a conversion form on a landing page is completed, you can gather valuable information about your leads. This information can then be used to determine which types of customers are converting, and before they reach out to you, you already have a baseline of information.

Test and Optimize

You can gather a lot of insight into your marketing success by monitoring and evaluating your landing page strategy. Just as the landing page data can be monitored and analyzed to your benefit, you can also refine the landing pages themselves.

You can use this data to test different colors, pictures, headlines, copy fields and form fields to see what makes people convert and also what might prevent them from doing so. Depending on what visitors respond to most, you can customize your landing pages to reflect that and get more leads.

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