Marketing with Emotion – Are You Feeling It?

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We’re starting from the premise that all of our decisions in life are driven by emotions. Think about it this way, reason allows us to make sense of our life but emotions drive us to act. Act as in get married, buy the house, or purchase the good or service that is being offered.

Many businesses ignore emotions altogether when marketing. Emotions are not easy to create a Survey Monkey for and they’re difficult to define.

However, emotional appeals in marketing are sometimes are so subtle that you may not have even recognized their power and influence over you.

I’ll go first. What is my favorite big box retailer? Answer: Target. Is it that cute Bull Terrier Spot who is in many of their ads? Perhaps. After all, I am a dog owner (2 shelter pups) one of whom is a pit bull mix. Plus, advertisers know that cute pets appeal to many of us. A Science Journal article recently confirmed that when humans and dogs look into each other’s eyes, both get a boost of the feel-good hormone oxytocin, which is the same hormone behind the special bond between new parents and their babies.

Beyond Spot, everyone in Target ads is smiling and appears happy but in a genuine way. I would argue a more appropriate emotion for Target is bewilderment since that is the feeling you have when you went in expecting to buy two items and walk out with 15, but that’s another blog post. Target – I can’t quit you.

Target has tapped into our desire to be happy like the people in their commercials. After all, consumers appreciate positivity, and it goes well paired with upbeat music.

A few emotion-friendly tips for marketing:

  • Always think about what your product or service does for the consumer first and it’s features second.

  • Use upbeat language, bright colors, smiling people, or maybe a pet if it works for your business. Offer only a few services or items on your site and don’t overwhelm the consumer.

  • Always ask what makes your audience happy? If they are in pain (emotional, physical), how is your service or product designed to alleviate it?

  • Don’t use “Click Here,” incorporate emotion to into your call to action. Use “Be informed,” “Make Your Voice Heard,” “Be the first to know,” or “Join our VIP list.” In order you have appealed to their desire for knowledge, a need for validation, first to know and thirst for exclusivity.

Emotional intelligence is key to marketing. With this in mind, if you can’t understand your own emotions, understanding your potential customer’s emotions will be like trying to learn Latin, on your own, as an adult, with no one to practice with. Examine your own emotions that first prompted you to launch your product or service.

Finally, for marketing tips that can appeal to your customer’s emotions, contact Red Egg Marketing to discuss your product or service. We’ll help you craft emotional content for customers that will re-energize your business.

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