eVelo Properties

Logo Design for Denver Property Management Firm and Coworking Space

Evelo Properties is a Denver-based real estate developer and property management firm. The brand’s tagline “Real Estate Evolved” is born from the idea of leveling up to provide the best possible service for their tenants. Representing this concept of progress, the “e” in eVelo swoops upward. Like the company itself, the typefaces used are unique and modern. Red Egg Marketing also developed a logo for one of their properties, Park Hill Coworking. This logo was designed to coordinate with the parent brand, Park Hill Commons.

Working with Red Egg Marketing was the best marketing decision we made this year. We are Real Estate Developers who own and operate mixed-use buildings and coworking spaces. We recently started working with Red Egg to drive community awareness and increase leads for our newest mixed-use development. Within two and half months- we had over 400 people sign up for our interest list and we filled our retail spaces with leads from the marketing campaign. Red Egg was incredible to work with. They loved our input for what we wanted to see with our campaign but they also did a great job using their creative minds to turn our vision into a reality. They integrated everything they were doing with all of our existing systems which was a huge help. Every team member is professional, creative and cares!

Nina Khosravi

Head of Community, eVelo