Keep Your Subscribers Updated, Connected and Engaged

Having an email marketing strategy can completely change the way your customers and clients perceive your brand.

Consistently sending emails to your subscribers is an easy and effective way to maintain contact with them and keep your brand top of mind. Increasing touchpoints with customers is pertinent to maintaining good rapport and keeping them updated with your products, services and business news.

The benefits of email marketing have been proven time and time again to increase customer interaction and drive traffic and have the highest ROI of any digital marketing service.

Meaningful Touchpoints are an Email Away

email marketing


  • Engaging and creative content creation
  • Thoughtful insights into what your customers want to see, when they want to see it
  • Announcements of company updates and news
email marketing


  • Insights into open and click-through-rates
  • Strategy adjustments according to results
  • Content and time-of-day optimization based on target market data
  • Analysis of website data and tracking of important actions customers complete on your website
email automation


  • Automatically send targeted emails to customers at optimal points in the sales funnel
  • Follow up with customers after the sale and encourage recurring purchases
  • Win-back customers using customer re-engagement campaigns
Email newsletter campaigns are a simple way to add another customer touchpoint. They are an effective way to streamline communication with customers and keep them updated on company news, announcements and promotions. By keeping in constant communication with your customers and maintaining cohesive branding across all platforms, your email newsletters will strengthen your customers’ perception of your business.
eCommerce email campaigns are meant to drive conversions and ultimately revenue. They tactfully promote your products/services to target customers at strategic times to increase engagement, interest and retention. eCommerce email campaigns must be carefully thought out and executed to be successful and not come across as annoying. They have been proven to increase customer conversions and effectively increase website visitors.
Automated email marketing campaigns are a business’ secret weapons. These campaigns are triggered automatically based on how customers interact with certain aspects of your website. For example, if a customer puts an item in their cart but doesn’t follow through with the purchase, we know that they are interested in that product and can set up an email to remind them about it. These types of automated email marketing campaigns have been proven to increase conversions and recover otherwise lost sales.

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In a landscape flooded with deception and failed promises, Red Egg shines as a beacon of honesty and effective marketing practices. They're good folks to work with, too. I've worked with a number of marketing firms concurrently since I started my business (no less than 4) and Red Egg has been the only company that still has my digital marketing business. In fact, they have actually come to earn the vast majority of my marketing/advertising budget.Every other "digital marketing company" I have worked with has promised the moon but has failed to deliver a positive return on investment exceeding the cost of the service they rendered. In most cases, it hasn't even been close. Red Egg actually does what they say they are going to do, which has led to a positive ROI for my company. Furthermore, I actually enjoy working with them and know I can expect honest answers, professional advice, and fair prices.
Andrew Rohr
Andrew Rohr
17:59 07 Sep 17
I enjoy working with Red Egg Marketing. They are professional, easy-going and creative.
julie Chalpan
julie Chalpan
14:19 23 Dec 17
I've worked with Red Egg on several projects over the years and can't recommend them enough! Ryan and his team are responsive, creative, and a lot of fun to work with. I look forward to working with you guys on more projects!
Curtis Durham
Curtis Durham
18:02 22 Mar 17
Hiring Red Egg Marketing is one of the best business decisions I have made in the past year. As a new business owner who doesn’t mind admitting to being overwhelmed with the whole social media/social search/SEO world, I was thrilled to find Ryan to give me some guidance (or really, just do it all for me!). The time he took to initially understand our industry, my business model, and his ongoing effort to learn what makes us unique is refreshing, and he has really helped me prioritize how we should work on building our brand. What I’ve probably enjoyed the most about working with Ryan is his patience, both with my learning curve and also my crazy ideas – he is very open to editing the plan and trying things we want to do, as long as they make sense from a marketing perspective (and I also appreciate that he doesn’t hesitate to tell me when they don’t!). I feel like I have a great partner who shares my interest in growing the business and would recommend Red Egg Marketing without hesitation.
Amy Abraham
Amy Abraham
19:31 22 Mar 14
I am a small business owner here in Denver and have used a few other marketing companies but will only recommend Red Egg. Ryan at Red Egg is constantly thinking of strategies and ways to bring your business to the next level. They cover the basics and then use creative ways to take your business beyond that. Every time they help us to implement a new marketing strategy we see a burst of growth in the business and a buzz of excitement from our customers. We went from 8 people "talking" about us on our Facebook page to over 70 within 3 months of using Red Egg!
18:29 11 Dec 12
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