Online Advertising

Reaching the right customer at the right time in the right place

Tired of wasting your marketing budget on a ‘let’s see what sticks’ online advertising strategy? We pair consumer data and analytics tools with a digital marketing strategy rooted in sound methodology to produce online advertising campaigns that get results. Using pay-per-click and display Google Ads, programmatic advertising, and social media campaigns we’ll develop and implement an online advertising strategy that combines instinct and intuition with cold, hard data. Ready for online advertising that works?

Inbound and Outbound Paid Search Strategies

Inbound paid search marketing strategies continue to typically deliver high conversion rates and a great return on investment for our clients. It all boils down to intent. If a potential customer is looking on a search engine specifically for your product or service, there is a higher likelihood of conversion if your ad gets clicked. We develop pay-per-click search marketing campaigns using Google Ads and/or Product Listing Ads to drive relevant traffic to a landing page optimized for conversions.

New and improved outbound paid search marketing strategies such as dynamic display advertising, native ads, and programmatic advertising are using sophisticated geographic and demographic targeting criteria combined with AI machine learning to increase advertising effectiveness. We combat ‘banner blindness’ through the use of HTML5 and dynamic rich media ads to attract attention and build your brand awareness within your target market.

Potential customers that visit your website more than once are much more likely to convert. We’ll drive them back to your website with retargeting campaigns and cross platform retargeting. For example, we can deliver targeted advertisements to a user who visited your website through a Google search on their favorite blogs, websites, and in their social media feed.

Pay-per-click Google Ads
Google Shopping Product Listing Ads (PLA)
Cross-platform retargeting
Display advertising
Native advertising
Content marketing
Programmatic advertising
Landing page optimization

We have been working with Red Egg for more than two years and we continue to find ways that they can help improve our exposure online. I have worked with a variety of online marketing companies in my 10 years in business and continue to get cold calls on a near daily basis. With Red Egg I get consistent follow-through, a detailed and clear monthly report on what they have done, what has been achieved over the past month and suggestions on how we can improve.

They are actual people! They answer the phone (or call back)! I look forward to getting more and more involved with Red Egg as we grow.

— Rob Peterson, Paint Denver

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