Create A Membership Platform for Medical Ancillary Vendors and Sales Professionals

Client Profile

Every Ancillary specializes in the medical ancillary sector and provides a platform for sales professionals and vendors to connect directly with one another. They offer sales enablement tools and training resources as well a number of premium services to help sales professionals enhance their earning potential.

The Challenge

Every Ancillary operated offline before tasking Red Egg with building an online membership platform. The goal was to turn an offline business into an easy-to-use online platform allowing users to register for different monthly paid services. This would allow Every Ancillary to scale its membership base quickly while also streamlining various offline tasks such as providing access to premium tools or services for its members. In addition to handling recurring monthly payments, the platform needed to consider various logged-in and logged-out screens as well as appropriate ways to restrict content depending on the role of the logged-in member.

Our Solution

Red Egg Marketing created a membership website for Every Ancillary using a combination of custom web development and premium tools for the WordPress content management system (CMS). This allowed us to build a membership platform including the advanced features and requirements requested by Every Ancillary while also reducing development time and cost for some of the core membership capabilities.

We created a customized enrollment workflow allowing registered sales members to search for and request distributor contracts from different ancillary vendors and for administrators to review and easily approve these requests. A membership system was created not only for sales professionals but also for vendors. After registering on the site, vendors were able to submit new ancillary programs and promote them to sales professionals. This created a marketplace where sales professionals and vendors could connect directly. Custom dashboard views as well as account management screens were created to allow users to manage recurring subscriptions and access various restricted features.

The Results

Six months after launching the new membership custom web development platform, Every Ancillary registered over 300 members. The platform continues to add new users and grow recurring revenue through new paid monthly subscriptions each month. Every Ancillary has worked with Red Egg on a number of additional features since launch, including an affiliate referral program and updates to enhance both the sales professional and vendor dashboards with more personalized user information.

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