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Utilizing Google Ads’ Campaign Types to Increase Appointment Bookings

Client Profile

Mark’s Diamonds is a high-end jewelry store with roots in Cherry Creek offering a wide selection of engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fine jewelry pieces. The store emphasizes its ability to help customers find the perfect piece through private, no-pressure appointments.

The Challenge

Mark’s Diamonds wanted to get discovered by new customers and see their appointment bookings increase. They were doing some paid advertising on Google but wanted a professional marketing team to manage their account and find where there were areas for improvement.

The Solution

We started by creating a Google Ads search campaign containing high intent keywords and using specific demographic targeting criteria. Once we had some data on which keywords gained the most-converting traffic, we began pausing keywords that were not gaining clicks or converting to maximize ad budget.

To push web visitors down the sales funnel, we created a custom audience for users that visited the appointment-booking page but did not end up booking an appointment. We then created a retargeting display campaign to target these users specifically.

Lastly, we utilized Performance Max campaigns and optimized their settings to target new users. This campaign was used to complement the newly streamlined search campaign and to capture new users shopping for an engagement ring online.

The Results

Mark’s Diamonds has been seeing an increase in bookings almost every month since we’ve taken over paid search and SEO. Comparing our time running the Google Ads account to the year before we took over, confirmed online bookings have increased by over 17% and are projected to continue improving.

As of this writing the click through rate has improved by 67%, conversions have increased by 363%, and the cost per conversion has decreased by 69%.

Key Metrics


increase in clicks


increase in conversions


increase in online bookings

We have been partnering with Red Egg for a little over a year now – Ryan, Angie and the team have made a significant impact in the day-to-day operation and growth of our company over that time. We are so grateful for their contribution and attention to the needs of our business. They are extremely knowledgeable, attentive, responsive and fun! Thank you Red Egg for all that you do!

Bobby Hoffman

Sales Associate, Mark’s Diamonds

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