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MOR Kombucha is a ‘booch company that serves up refreshing, hand-crafted kombucha beverages in Denver, Colorado. Their fresh, delicious kombucha is made with all natural ingredients, and is available online, on tap, and in stores so everyone can enjoy MOR–no matter where they are.

The Challenge

Over the years, MOR Kombucha had expanded their business through personal recommendations and word-of-mouth. Interested in amplifying their brand visibility and strengthening their online presence to attract new customers, MOR took their marketing into their own hands. During this time, they perfected their social media presence and brand voice, but there was one problem–kombucha tap services still weren’t selling the way they wanted them to. To get more people in the door, MOR Kombucha realized they were going to need to contact a marketing company that could handle all their marketing needs–especially where brand strategy, SEO, and Google Ads were concerned.

The Solution

We hit the ground running by familiarizing ourselves with every facet of the kombucha industry before creating an all-encompassing brand guide. This comprehensive document would inform all our marketing efforts from that point forward. We then focused our efforts toward on-tap services by refining their online presence and developing an SEO strategy to target high-intent keywords though content development. In addition, we leveraged targeted Google search ads to stimulate website traffic and draw in more conversions.

The Results

Within 12 months, MOR Kombucha ranked on the first page of Google search results for over 40 high-intent keywords in Colorado. Their average search position year-over-year increased by 20% with website visibility increasing by nearly 4%. With the help of our team at Red Egg, MOR Kombucha is now being served at over 350 Colorado locations and counting.

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Great and easy company to work with. They will definitely help grow your business!

Rob Spiewak

Owner, MOR Kombucha


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