Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union

Increase Awareness and Build Brand Equity in the Local Law Enforcement Community

Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union (RMLEFCU) is a Colorado-based credit union with three branches serving a membership of more than 14,000 members and assets in excess of $300 million. RMLEFCU consistently ranks in the top 10 healthiest credit unions in the country and is continually growing while most credit unions are shrinking.


boost in social followers


of new potential members


goodwill created in the community

The Challenge

RMLEFCU has an extremely narrow field of membership making digital advertising challenging. In order to join one must be a current or retired employee of a Colorado law enforcement organization, or family of current members. Red Egg was tasked to build a digital presence and increase awareness for the credit union in the law enforcement community.

Our Solution

Red Egg Marketing created a social media contest where members, and potential members, had to complete social media actions to earn entries into a drawing. The prize was a visit from a food truck for their department compliments of RMLEFCU. Through our experience and research, we found that the selfless nature of police officers makes them more likely to act if the prize is given to the department, rather than the individual. Thus, we hyped up the winner as being a hero for their department.

The Results

The digital advertising campaign drove traffic to RMLEFCU’s social profiles and grew their following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube as well as collected emails for marketing. The contest used word-of-mouth marketing to create a buzz in the law enforcement community and grew brand awareness for the credit union. The winning department received a visit from a delicious local Colorado food truck, which in itself was a priceless business development opportunity.