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SEO, Website, Email, and Social Strategy Skyrockets Software Firm’s Website Visibility

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Sawatch Labs is a premier fleet electrification software firm that uses mile-by-mile predictive analytics to determine EV suitability, cost modeling, infrastructure planning, vehicle management, and emissions reporting to help track goals for sustainability and profitability.

The Challenge

Our client had expanded their business primarily though recommendations and word-of-mouth over the years. However, they aimed to enhance their brand visibility and establish a stronger online presence to become easily discoverable by individuals seeking their services online. After handling any marketing efforts in-house for multiple years, Sawatch began working with an industry specific contractor to grow their marketing efforts. The team soon realized that they would need a marketing firm to tackle all of their marketing needs and that is when they reached out to Red Egg. Before collaborating with our team of marketers, Sawatch Labs’ online rankings were limited to a handful of branded keywords and their visibility in search results was below 1%.

The Solution

Red Egg familiarized ourselves with the highly technical nature of the EV and fleet telematics industry, then launched a multi-faceted digital marketing approach. Our initial focus was refining Sawatch’s online presence to mirror the sophistication of their advanced services. Central to our strategy was an intensified content marketing initiative, encompassing an array of materials such as blog articles, case studies, press releases, whitepapers, and videos, all meticulously tailored to high-intent keywords. We used Google search ads to drive website traffic and calls while we built our onsite content to capitalize on leads immediately. Concurrently, we designed, wrote, and dispersed a monthly newsletter as a strategic touchpoint, positioning Sawatch Labs as a leader in the industry. This newsletter showcased groundbreaking technological updates, client wins, awarded RFPs, trade show appearances, presentations, and more. Finally, we increased brand awareness by creating, posting, and managing their social media presence.

The Results

Within a year’s time, our client ranked on the first page of Google search results for over 40 high-intent keywords in the United States and their web presence continues to grow. The website visibility increased YoY by 1156%. We consistently see an above average 28% open rate on emails. Social profiles grew in follower count on LinkedIn and posts have achieved hundreds of thousands of unique impressions. Sawatch leadership has been applauded for their content and social presence by their peers and their press releases have been consistently picked up by industry publications. Sawatch Labs has several active projects in the government and commercial sector and continues to grow its internal team as well.

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The team at Red Egg is exceptional! They’ve been our marketing firm for almost a year and have helped us improve our SEO, update our website, and create engaging content for our social media feeds. And, to top it off, they’re all very pleasant people!

Sarah Booth