How Does Houzz Work for Your Business?

Houzz screenshot

If you are a professional working in residential real estate, Houzz deserves a moment of your marketing time. Design-Build firms, general contractors, home builders, interior designers, landscape architects, and kitchen and bath remodelers are just a few examples of who is using Houzz for marketing. Even residential home service companies like carpet cleaners and plumbers have found value from this niche social media platform.

So, how does Houzz work? Houzz is, in their fitting description, “the leading platform for home remodeling and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish.”  It is a social media network, an inspirational search engine, a business directory, a digital scrapbook and a tool to collaborate with clients.

The Houzz Audience

The audience is overwhelmingly female and slightly more well-educated than the average internet user. They’re not just casual users either. According to, the average number of page views is over 8, while daily time on site is over six minutes. By comparison, Pinterest users spend slightly more time per day on Pinterest, but view slightly fewer pages than Houzz users.

How Widespread is Houzz?

There are approximately 35 million users worldwide with 25 million users in the United States. There are 3 million products uploaded to Houzz. Therefore, if you sell home furnishings, flooring, or lighting, this could be a highly visible marketplace for your merchandise.

Why Home Based Businesses and Design Professionals Like It

Houzz can sell products and generate leads through high quality photos and favorable reviews from clients and customers. When it comes to design and construction, customers approach these expensive renovation and remodel projects with caution. Having a robust Houzz profile with pictures of your work and glowing reviews will help you stand out from the pack.

Another key feature, Houzz can steer traffic to your main site with its easy to find link on your profile page and as a result, improve your SEO.

Houzz users are serious about putting their money into ACTION. According to a Houzz survey, most users are homeowners (90%). In the next 2 years, they plan on redecorating (84%), building an addition or remodeling (40%), or building a custom house (10%).

To that end, our next post will show you how to USE Houzz for your business. We offer Houzz profile management and strategy to our clients. Rather than one more platform you have to master, why not strategize and let us handle Houzz on your behalf?