Marketing for Real Estate: Strategies to Jump Start Your Lead Flow

In a business that relies on photos, first impressions, and inbound lead flow, marketing for real estate is something that should be integral for any property development company or agency. While the upkeep and attention to detail may seem like a major task to take on, it will pay dividends in drawing in new clients and retaining existing ones.

Here at Red Egg, we have experience with all kinds of property management, sales, and development companies. During our time in the industry, we’ve learned a few strategies that will dramatically improve the number and quality of your online leads.

Create a User-Friendly Website

While most independent real estate agents and property developers likely already have a domain, it might not be optimized to capture and convert website visitors.

As any online marketer will tell you, getting people to your website is half the struggle. So, once they make it to your homepage, it’s essential that the user interface moves your potential clients further down the sales funnel.

You should utilize a simple and straightforward website menu so visitors can easily navigate different pages. There is nothing more frustrating than going to a site and not being able to find what you need. A confusing wireframe will likely increase your website bounce rate and negatively impact your SEO.

Pro Tip

When in doubt, keep it simple. Interact with your website on the front end and ask yourself, “If I was the user, would I be overwhelmed?”

Develop a Memorable Brand

While most business promotion happens online these days, traditional advertising and marketing strategies are still just as effective.

For example, the Red Egg Marketing team successfully generated demand to lease 100% of a 5-building loft office property in Atlanta, GA using traditional promotions in real estate channels (among other things).

We built momentum for the property by designing a logo, website, and all supplemental marketing materials for the property including a creative monument sign built in conjunction with local artisans. This kind of tangible material jump starts marketing efforts from the very beginning and attracts leads from the community. The property was 70% leased before construction was even completed.

Pro Tip

If you’re developing a brand from the ground up, make sure to think long and hard about a company logo and name. Conducting a rebrand after a company has been up and running for some time is a tough task. Better to avoid it from the jump.

Display Quality Content

One of the best ways to improve conversions on your site is to display quality content, descriptions, and resources for your potential customers to browse through.

Include listings on your site and update them regularly with high quality, attractive photos. This simple addition will keep prospects coming to your site as they search for properties. The key here is to maintain the listings and not to fall short when it comes to displaying the properties you’re leasing or selling. No one is going to want to tour a space that doesn’t look appealing online.

Pro Tip

A great way to nudge your site visitors toward converting is to use plenty of action items throughout your site. Listing pages is a great place to start. Use navigation buttons with action items like “Apply Now” or “Schedule a Tour” to capture interested parties.

Develop Email Marketing Campaigns

This is another little trick that may seem time-consuming, but ensures your brand remains top-of-mind for those people who may need a last little nudge.

Send a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter to promote deals, new properties, leasing discounts, and useful on-site blog content. Ideally, this recipient list will be compiled of those people who have expressed a desire to remain up to date with your brand and any new updates. You can compile this list on your website or on any other social media platforms.

It’s best to include images of the properties with links to the website listing, a video walkthrough of the property, or a virtual staging of the home.

Pro Tip

Use attention-grabbing subject lines while avoiding ‘salesy’ or ‘click-bait’ material. This will improve your email open rate while assuring the user that you are not just another bot.

Marketing for Real Estate

If this feels like a long list of things to manage, we understand. While you may not have an in-house marketing department to handle the everyday tasks, there are pros out there that can help.

Here at Red Egg, we strive to become a part of your team. We act as your marketing department, managing everything from social media campaigns to website development and optimization. Marketing for real estate is one of our specialties.

Our team is ready to help you take your marketing to the next level.