Project Description

Every Ancillary is a solution allowing medical ancillary sales professionals to find and connect with medical ancillary vendors.

Case Study:

Red Egg Marketing created a website as a membership platform for Every Ancillary including free and paid membership tiers for sales professionals as well as a membership tier for ancillary vendors. This all-in-one platform allows medical ancillary vendors to advertise their products and services while giving medical ancillary sales professionals the ability to request distributor contracts and manage relationships with vendors.

The platform allows visitors to register on the site and select from different membership tiers gaining them access to different levels of content. Registered users have the ability to manage their membership as well as make changes such as editing their profile or resetting and changing their password. Dashboard views were created that allow sales professionals to see up-to-date information regarding their distributor status with various ancillary vendors. Vendors also have access to a dashboard that provides them with an up-to-date list of sales professionals who are engaged with specific ancillary programs that they manage. Paid users and ancillary vendors also have access to an affiliate marketing dashboard and the ability to earn and track the status of paid referrals. JavaScript and PHP were used to look up various information about the logged in user and to determine what data should be displayed.