Ramp Up Your Real Estate Email Marketing Game with These 5 Steps

The real estate world is all about forging connections with leads and clients alike. To cultivate quality leads and conversions, your communication must be top-notch. One of the best ways to ensure your real estate marketing plan is as effective as possible is by perfecting your email marketing campaigns. Real estate email marketing stands as one of the most effective ways for realtors and businesses to connect with their clients and is the ideal medium to nurture potential buyers and sellers.

So, how can your real estate business marketing to the next level?

Here’s the secret sauce.

Personal Connection is Key

Being personable, friendly, and relatable is a huge part of being a successful real estate agent. When it comes to real estate email marketing, there’s no quicker way to end up in someone’s “junk” or “trash” folders than to constantly pushing for a sale. While your emails should include invites to open houses as well as your listings, they shouldn’t be the main focus of your email strategy. Instead, opt for keeping the energy in your emails honed on educating, entertaining, and connecting. Then, when you do send out your promo emails, they’ll garner better results.

Your Welcome Emails Should Be *Chef’s Kiss*

If you ask us, the most important email you send is probably your welcome email. Your welcome email essentially introduces your leads to yourself and your services. These leads can come from open houses, your website, or even better— through a referral.

If there’s one thing that every welcome email needs, it’s personality. Preferably, YOURS! Think about it– it’s your first digital communication with a lead, and first impressions matter. People on the hunt for a new home as well as folks that are gearing up to sell their property already have a steady stream of emails every day from other realtors. Personality and authenticity will not only get you in your audience’s good graces, but it will help you stand out from the pack in your real estate email marketing.

Pro Tip: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This age-old saying holds true! Visuals are some of the most important tools you can use in order to keep your readers attention. Whether it’s a few photos of a new listing, a graph depicting real estate market trends, or a group picture of your real estate group wishing your readers a “Happy 4th of July”, imagery will keep people interested and focused. Just make sure that the photos themselves are high quality, the proper size for an email (too big of an image can negatively impact loading speeds), and of course, make sure they’re not pixelated. Grainy images can look unprofessional and messy.

Segment Your Subscriber List for Greater Personalization

While we’re on the topic of driving home an authentic feel with your email communications, let’s make one thing super clear: including a client’s name at the beginning of your emails isn’t enough.

To show your client that you truly understand them and their needs (and you’re the best person to help them with the task!), the content you email them should show them that you understand. An easy way to make this happen is through segmenting your subscriber lists depending on their needs. For example, if you’re hosting an open house, it doesn’t really make sense to invite clients who live too far away to attend. If you have a million-dollar listing, do you really want to send it to subscribers who couldn’t possibly afford it?

Here are some easy, quick guides that can help you get the job done.

Create Some Templates ASAP

Creating email templates is a great way to infuse some structure into your real estate email marketing plan. Not only does a template keep your marketing collateral cohesive and on brand but having a template to fall back on makes putting together an email a heck of a lot easier (which can definitely come in handy if you run into one of those weeks where you’re swamped!).

Taking the time to make a template for different kinds of email campaigns you’ll be launching will save you a lot of time in the long run. This is especially true for emails that are going out on a weekly basis and need to be updated quickly.

Here are some template ideas to get the juices flowing:

  • Template Idea #1 – Happy Holidays Campaign: Setting up a campaign that wishes everyone “Happy Holidays” alongside fun anecdotes, pictures, and engaging content is a great campaign for cultivating a real, human, authentic connection with your leads and clients.

  • Template Idea #2 – The Newsletter Campaign: There is no better way to tell your lead that you’re a local market expert than an email newsletter. This template should be structured around delivering content that educates, entertains, and sells to your lead—in that order. Try to keep these short enough to read or skim through in a few minutes.

  • Template Idea #3 The Former Client Campaign: Most real estate agents get up to 30% of their business through referrals. That’s enough to make or break your business, so it makes sense to invest some time in referral generation. For this template, the format should be fairly simple, because most of the work lies in manually putting the content together. The content should be catered specifically to the client that you’re sending it to (trust us on this one—it’ll be well worth it!) Ask how their kids, Martin and Sarah, are doing. Ask how they’re liking the new digs, and if they’re enjoying the Colorado summer sunshine. Go the extra mile to make it personal in order to drive mutual trust.

  • Template Idea #4 – The Market Update Campaign: You guessed it—this is the kind of email campaign you want to use to establish your expertise in the Colorado real estate market. Not only that, but this campaign is perfect for educating your leads on the local market and highlighting how you and your Colorado real estate business are perfect for helping them with their real estate needs.

Make Sure Your Emails are Mobile Friendly

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—you’ve got to make sure that your emails are mobile friendly. We’re living in a digital world, and most people in this day-and-age check their emails through their cellphones. According to an Adobe Consumer survey, 85 percent of us use our smartphones to check our inboxes.

While there are several things you should be doing to make this a reality for your Colorado real estate marketing email campaigns, here are our three biggest tips:

  • Be Concise: From subject lines to the body of the email, this is HUGE. Shorter emails are easier to read on mobile devices and allow readers to quickly scan your content and respond to it. Think bullet points, numbered lists, and bite-sized paragraphs. Use whatever makes your email more scannable. This will ultimately help you out with getting quality leads. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this step, and to integrate your personality when you can!

  • Emphasize Calls to Action: While this is kind of a no-brainer, it’s vital to mention. If recipients are reading off a phone, make your CTAs obvious so they don’t get lost in the shuffle. CTAs are so valuable because they help add direction to your overall message and give readers an easy, breezy way to respond to your “call”. We strongly recommend using large buttons to ensure ease and accessibility for everyone, regardless of what device they’re using.

  • Use Responsive Email Templates: When you’re putting together your email templates in the first place, make sure they’re set up to shine no matter what device they’re accessed on! Make sure that whatever email program you’re using to design and launch your emails (we’re big fans of Mailchimp!) is properly equipped to do this. To triple check that everything is in working order, we recommend testing your emails on different devices to see how it looks and operates first-hand.

Real Estate Email Marketing Made Simple

No matter what industry you’re in, email marketing can be tricky to get right when you’re figuring it out all on your own. If you’re looking for a Denver marketing agency to give you a hand, rest assured that you’re in the right place. Red Egg’s creatives are experts at designing eye-catching email campaigns that get BIG results, especially for our real estate clients.

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