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Red Egg Fun Fact

Red Egg has our own Christmas chicken and rooster named Splendor Chicken and Shimmer Rooster.

We Got Jokes

What do you call someone who steals a chicken?

A Chicken Pot Pirate.

Presidential Nog

Americans consume more than 135 million pounds of eggnog each year. Records from Mount Vernon show that George Washington was a fan of eggnog. His personal recipe included rum, rye whiskey, and sherry.

Royal Gift

The first imperial Fabergé egg dates back to 1885, when the Russian Tsar Alexander III commissioned a gift for his wife, Empress Maria Feodorovna. The creation’s cost was then 4,151 rubles.

Kentucky Fried Christmas

In Japan, Kentucky Fried Chicken is a popular Christmas Eve meal. KFC reports that they sell more chicken in Japan from December 23rd through 25th than they do in half a regular month.

Sweater Weather

For some reason, memes of chickens wearing sweaters tend to be shared all over social media in the winter. It might seem cute, but there is no need to start knitting! Chickens stay warm naturally by eating more and fluffing their feathers.

What is That?!

If you happen to see a walnut-sized, egg-shaped mass on your Christmas tree, it might be 100–200 praying mantis eggs! Clip the branch and put it in your garden.

Christmas Around the World

The official Nigerian Christmas cuisine is comprised of rice along with the fabled Christmas Chicken or Turkey. At Christmas, meals assume added significance due to elaborate preparations that go into making it.