4 Ways to Strategize with Real Estate Marketing Companies in Colorado

Real estate marketing companies in Colorado face attracting a myriad of customers with ranging intentions. Whether it‘s small businesses looking to put their business on the map or companies looking for a new commercial office space, your real estate marketing strategy should engage all prospects.

The team at Red Egg Marketing has worked with large-scale development companies and local real estate firms alike. Although every marketing strategy is unique, the bottom-line goal is to engage, inform, and ultimately, convert leads.

Here are 4 ways a real estate marketing company can take your strategy to the next level.

Treat Your Website like a Storefront

Your website is likely one of the first ways customers interact with your company. Your homepage should be staged like a million-dollar home and leave your buyers with a positive opinion of your brand.

You wouldn’t show a house with peeling paint or missing shingles – so why present a subpar website to the customers you’re looking to impress? Luckily, real estate marketing firms can act as your interior decorator and take your website to the next level. You may consider any of the following strategies:

  • Optimize formatting for mobile

  • Create a user-friendly interface

  • Develop landing pages to lead your customer further down the sales funnel

  • Showcase only the best photos of your properties

  • Publish content that educates and engages your customers

Create Subdomains for Subdivisions

Given that real estate buyer and renter personas are diverse, you should always make organization a priority on your website.

Of course, most real estate companies won’t be able to compete with resources like Zillow or Houzz. However, by using some SEO magic, you may be able to appear as a top result on Google by creating more niche identifications for your listings.

Pro Tip

Try clustering listings within the same micro-neighborhood together or focusing on a historic district or street to gain more site exposure.

Create High-Quality Content

Creating content isn’t just about filling up lines on a page. Your on-site resources should be just that; a resource your clients can use to educate themselves about the industry, city, and properties.

As a marketing team with expertise in the real estate industry, Red Egg has found that creating content with a purpose is essential. Use website copy to highlight expertise your clients can’t find elsewhere.

Highlight architectural trends, new neighborhood developments, or even the best remodel ideas to improve the selling potential of your property. Creating a marketing strategy is about developing genuine relationships with your clients and creating content that sets your brand apart from the crowd.

Understand How to Market to Millennials

Young people today are living very differently than their parents and grandparents did before them.

As most struggle to pay off student loan debts while saving for a home, it’s important to understand what these young adults value, and how they’re looking to spend their hard-earned cash.

Although some younger Americans are ready to buy, some may be strictly searching for a short-term commitment. Treat your rental properties just as you would any other listing. This is a way to develop an early relationship with a client who may later come back to employ your company to buy a home.

Additionally, millennials are drawn to social media and social platforms as a way to engage with brands. They’re also vastly more likely to actually purchase something using the internet. It’s important to not only host cohesive social media presence, but also be ready to engage and respond when new clientele reaches out.

Pro Tip

This generation is also more likely to support a brand with a message; a cause to support. Real estate companies should always be working to create a brand that is authentic, charitable, and sociable.

Out Team is Here to Help

We sold every unit in our luxury townhouse development before starting construction. We couldn’t have achieved these results without Red Egg Marketing. They created the website, print ads, and social media campaign that resulted in a 10 to 1 prospect to available unit ratio. Demand was so strong that all units went under contract at prices significantly above our pro forma.

If you’re looking for real estate marketing companies in Colorado, we’re here to help. We understand that you want to create an engaging and meaningful experience with your clients… we’re looking for the same with ours.

As your company grows, you may be pulled in several different directions. Social media, public relations, traditional advertising, website management – they’re all important. Give us a call if you’re looking for a team to take over. We’re happy to discuss personalized strategies for your business.