How to Develop Content Ideas for Your Small Business

Content marketing is an inexpensive and sustainable way to build a website, improve SEO, and solidify your brand.

When it comes to small business marketing, Denver is covered. The Red Egg Marketing team has worked with clients in dozens of different industries. We help local businesses reach new audiences and goals with digital and traditional marketing methods.

Small Business Marketing Strategies

There are a few simple steps you can get your small business content marketing strategy off the ground. Here are some avenues to explore if you’re looking to improve your brand authority and customer base:

  • Blog Content

  • Data-Driven Content

  • Social Media Content

Blog Content

Writing a blog is one of the simplest ways to boost SEO while asserting authority in your field.

The goal here is to engage current clients and bring in new ones online. If someone happens to search for something related to your services online, your blog content may serve as a resource. This establishes your company as an industry expert and creates a sense of trust.

You should be providing value in your posts. Educate your readers about your industry, answer common questions, explain how your industry impacts the community. Afterall, you are the expert in your field. What could be easier to write about than the business you run?

Remember that a blog isn’t a place to sell a product or push a promotion. These are educational resources for current and potential clients.

Content Tip

Stay relevant. Use your community’s frequently asked questions to inspire your on-site content.

Data-Driven Content

You may decide that research or internal data may be the best way to help educate your customers. That’s great!

People love hard facts. Which example sounds better?

  1. “Our clients love our products!”
  2. “In a 2020 survey, 91% of our customers cited a ‘moderate’ to ‘substantial’ improvement in their daily lives after using our products.”

You can use internal data like survey results, demographic numbers, interviews, etc. to inspire new on-site content. It’s a great way to better understand your customer base while further informing the resources on your site.

You can also produce lists of other sources for people browsing your website. Do you have a favorite industry newsletter? Share it! Maybe you listen to a dozen podcasts to collect business tips. Collect some of your most beneficial takeaways from these podcasts for your customers to use in the future.

Content Tip

Many companies have a wealth of internal data without realizing the content potential. Try leveraging marketing information, sales numbers, customer habits, or product information as a start.

Social Media Content Marketing

Social media is another simple way to engage and educate your audience. Aside from publishing content on promotions and deals, you can make videos and infographics that answer frequently asked questions and urge engagement.

Digital content is oftentimes very versatile. Something you create for your website can also fit with the content on your social media pages. Make sure you’re optimizing your efforts by managing your social channels simultaneously.

Social also serves as great a great resource for new content. You can mine for inspiration from other companies, industry leaders, and your clients themselves. Take note of the content that boosts engagement and receives the most user interaction to better understand your audience.

In one the case of one client, we saw a 15% boost in followers and hundreds of new potential members by implementing a social media content strategy aimed at improving engagement. It’s all about understanding your consumer and creating something they’ll find valuable.

Content Tip

Infographics can be a great way to communicate a lot of information quickly. Use visuals and relevant data to make your content stand out.

Small Business, Big Content

A small business isn’t limited by content. You can still create useful, engaging, and important resources for your consumers.

Take small steps to become more engaged with your clients and community and reap the rewards in the long run.