Is a Digital Marketing Agency Right for Your Small Business?

There are several ways to go about small business marketing online: social media, PPC, email, content marketing, SEO – the list goes on. 

Digital marketing agencies can help small business owners overcome this issue. By bringing in a team to strategize and manage your marketing, business owners can concentrate on other aspects of running a company. However, selecting the right digital marketing firm is no small matter. 

There are literally tens of thousands of digital agencies through which you can operate. So, how does the owner of a company decide? 

Don’t worry, we’re going to answer that question in this guide.

What are Your Marketing Requirements?

The first step in selecting a suitable digital marketing agency is to define the marketing requirements of your own business. Before starting your search for a small business marketing agency, ask yourself some questions. 

  • Do you need to build a new, user friendly website? 

  • Are you interested in starting a PPC campaign?

  • Do you need help strategizing an SEO plan?

  • Do you need to completely uproot your current marketing strategy and start fresh?

  • If you already have an in-house marketing squad, do they have enough time, manpower, and experience to do the job right?

  • What are the marketing strategies you know you “can” do yet haven’t gotten around yet?

These kinds of questions will shed some light on what you can outsource to a marketing firm to produce more effective results.

Why Work with a Marketing Agency?

Small business marketing is dependent on your audience. For example, if you’re targeting business executives, LinkedIn is the best place to reach them. If you target younger users, then Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok are the places to be. Along with Facebook’s billions of active monthly users, nearly all companies will see ROI via Facebook advertising. 

As new marketing strategies emerge every day, busy entrepreneurs can find it hard to stay on top of the latest trends, find the best ways to use different platforms, and become a master in every field of digital marketing.

That’s where hiring a marketing agency can help your business.

Hiring a team of experts to manage the more technical aspects of your marketing strategy allows you to focus on other areas of your business that you enjoy and do best, rather than spend weeks or months trying to find the right person to hire and train.

How to Tell if a Marketing Agency is Right for You

The type of results promised by a marketing agency on their website is a clear indicator of how much they understand about the industry itself. 

For example, someone claiming to have the ability to boost domain rank within weeks does not realize that SEO is both a long-term and a short-term marketing technique. It’s something that needs constant work to be sustained. 

This is a clear indicator that this agency is not someone you want to employ to help optimize your website. 

Pay careful attention to the arguments and assurances a marketing agency makes. 

Make sure they’re matched with what you know about the industry. And note that outlandish or almost unlikely promises are a major red flag. 

Stick to digital marketing companies that deliver clarity and practical metrics.

Small Business Marketing Catered to Your Needs

Here at Red Egg Marketing we strive to become a part of your team. Think of us as your internal marketing department with the experience of a full-fledged agency. 

Whether you’re looking for help with your Google Ad strategy or branding and design, we’re able to meet your needs at your budget. 

If you’re interested in exploring our offerings and services, drop us a line! Let’s hatch some ideas.