Credit Union Marketing Trends

A good credit union marketing strategy puts all the marketing goals of the company into one detailed marketing plan.

This strategy should concentrate on the right mix of tactics to maximize profit, sustain the business, and help achieve overall business goals. Here are some tactics you might consider adding as part of a credit union marketing strategy along with tips on implementing them.


Consumers have been able to recognize advertisements and filter them out over the years. Using data, marketers can offer more personalized experiences and therefore deliver ads that stand out from the crowd to effectively capture consumers’ attention.

Credit unions are member-centered, so personalized marketing is a great fit and can help improve member retention and ROI. This credit union marketing style means offers and ads should be for a product, service, or piece of advice that is a good fit for the customer at the right time and delivered using a preferred channel.

How to Use this Trend

Credit unions can typically build a comprehensive profile for their members using data collected when members enroll or add new services. This profile information can be combined with other insights, such as the member’s activity on your website or their likes or interests, in order to create a more personalized and relevant offer for each member.

For personalization, digital channels work particularly well. Using dynamic fields in emails to add the member’s name and send them service-specific information is a great way to add personalization. In addition, activate retargeting campaigns based on the content they interact with on your website, social media, or in previous emails to allow you to continue the conversation.

Interactive Content

Interactive content is content that includes ways for users to engage with blog posts and social media. Content is still a very important component in a marketing strategy and we’ll continue to see the creation of high-quality content with more interactive components.

As more credit unions use marketing strategies to highlight their knowledge and interest, you can stand out and keep members or potential members looking at your work by incorporating an interactive element that facilitates a two-way conversation.

How to Use this Trend

Quizzes, surveys, and videos can all be used as an interactive part of a longer-formed piece of content such as a blog post intended for awareness or engagement. With interactions, you can start conversations on how to tailor the right solution for specific members.

Social media is a great place to get people to chat and gain insight into a subject you’re interested in. Take it a step further by asking for quiz feedback in order to provide the participant with a personalized solution based on their interests and financial goals. Videos can have hotspots added in order to allow participants to click for more details or to activate a similar clip to play next in a “choose your own adventure” video style.

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